Why Lease

1. Fixed Expenses and Better Cash Flow

Buying and owning a vehicle in Singapore can be a complex issue with the ever changing COE price. By leasing, you have a predictable cost which helps you plan ahead minimising the risks involved. With all the necessary costs involved covered, you will be assured a steady cash flow.

2. Reduce Downtime and Manpower

In business, time and resource is money. Our replacement vehicles are here to make sure your business stays ahead of the competition. We handle your fleet while you transfer all resources to your core business, 100% focusing on growing it.

3. Expansion Opportunity

Leveraging on the low deposits (upfront payments), you can expand your business whenever the opportunity arises.

4. No Uncertainties

With leasing, you will never face the issue of suffering a loss when disposing off your vehicle again. Simply return the vehicle back to us after your project or requirement and move on.

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